Thursday, November 18, 2010

november resurgences ~

It was in November that I called my dad from a craft faire that I was doing and he told me that the results of his medical tests were not good news, and it was later that month that I went to Calgary to see him and to go to the hospital in Canmore for more tests. The silver lining was that we also went to Lake Louise, which by then had become a pilgrimage for me. The plain of six glaciers trail was one that I had followed my dad up many times over the years. I remember as a child looking up ahead and seeing his slow and steady gait, arms behind his back, one hand clasped on the other forearm, placing one foot in front of the other. He never really looked back that often to see if we were following. But we were. On many levels I have followed him on pathways which have enabled me to have access to higher worlds. This is the essence of what I received from him this lifetime. And in November I feel the gratitude strongly.

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