Wednesday, November 24, 2010

claudia and kimba ~

The amazing thing about having the kitten around was how it changed my perception of my two cats. The kitten, by the way, was discovered to be female and is now named Talia. She is settling in just fine to her new home. Talia was feather-light, holding her was like holding a leaf. My two older cats seem so heavy and substantial by comparison. They loom large and seem almost dangerous. I feel like I am living with two cougars. A new respect for them has descended upon me. I had forgotten who they had become. How they had transformed. These magnificent weighty beings. Over the years (twelve or so) Claudia and Kimba have lived with us in many different settings and have been very cooperative throughout, adapting to their different environments without much fuss or complaint. It feels like a renewed honour to have them around.

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