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protection for our friends the humpbacks! ~

from the website sum of us:
"Guess how the Harper government celebrated Earth Day? It decided to slash protections to endangered humpback whales, and make it easier for Enbridge to push through its risky Northern Gateway oil pipeline." You can sign the petition here.

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frequent communion ~

Should ever your individuality perceive a problem, relaxation into universality provides the answer. Frequent communication with the great eternal Being at the center of all life keeps you clear, pure, connected. After such times of communion, you go back to your individuality, either knowing that it is time to release this one of your many forms, or you return to your individuality healthy, alive, vibrant, full of life for the season in which you thrive. You choose if your forms of expression shall live or die. And those forms you choose to animate, you empower with the fullness of your life.

Return of the Bird Tribes - Ken Carey

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refuge ~

Taking refuge in the Buddha means that we are willing to spend our life reconnecting with the quality of being continually awake. Every time we feel like taking refuge in a habitual means of escape, we take off more armor, undoing all the stuff that covers over our wisdom and our gentleness and our awake quality. We’re not trying to be something we aren’t; rather, we’re reconnecting with who we are. So when we say, “I take refuge in the Buddha,” that means I take refuge in the courage and the potential of fearlessness, of removing all the armor that covers this awakeness of mine. I am awake; I will spend my life taking this armor off. Nobody else can take it off because nobody else knows where all the little locks are, nobody else knows where it’s sewed up tight, where it’s going to take a lot of work to get that particular iron thread untied. You have to do it alone. 

Pema Chodron ~ Comfortable with Uncertainty

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