Tuesday, November 26, 2013

earrings for sale! ~

 A while back I wrote a few posts about the wolf willow here and here...since then I have taken the process one step further and have handcrafted these earrings. Excepting the seeds, these earrings are made entirely from copper. The seeds came from the berries of the wolf willow. Of course, each seed is completely unique and beautiful in its own perfect way. It has been a wonderful process making these earrings from the wolf willow berries...magical to find such beautiful and useful materials in nature. The hooks were handcrafted by me also using recycled copper wire.  I  purchased the copper stems (with lovely copper drops at one end), which I wrapped around the top of the seeds. Here is the elegant wolf willow (beautiful photo ~ source unknown):

I am also making my copper spirals which are handcrafted from recycled copper wire. I handcraft the copper wire hooks for these earrings also.

If you have any mind to purchase these earrings for gifts or for yourself, either the wolf willow or the copper spirals, you can email me at julieshona@hotmail.com and place an order. The cost for each pair is $10 plus shipping (which I imagine will be quite inexpensive).

Each pair of earrings will arrive on a card backing exactly as shown below (burgundy coloured card backings are also available) and will also be protected in a reusable plastic jewellry bag:


Michele Shumay said...

your work and your photos are beautiful...
not surprising considering the source.

lindabuffy said...

These copper earrings are so magical!Both the wolf berries as well as the spirals. Love the hooks you make for them too. Will definitely be ordering a pair ! Cheers Linda