Monday, December 3, 2012

full body contact with the earth ~

Sophie will often crash to the ground unexpectedly and roll in the snow, first all four legs with will be up in the air as she massages the full length of her spine, and then she will lie flat and try to press her whole body into the earth, especially her head. She will apply downward pressure and then rub her head back and forth in the snow. There is a whole wonderful ectstatic oneness feel to it all as she tries as hard as she possibly can to merge with the earth...and then, often with a sneeze and a snort she will get up just as suddenly with a huge burst of energy and shake off the snow...Full body contact having been made she is energized and ready to go. It seems to be a way that she recalibrates, grounds, and reconnects to the earth after being inside the house for a while. She is a true yogic master and I am often in awe of this practice of hers...another one of her teachings.

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