Monday, May 17, 2010

the seed ~

"Simple acts can become seeds planted in the garden of our lives. Everything that grows requires a seed of some kind. The seed starts the process, inviting the miracle of growth to come to full flower. The seed is simply a teacher; by itself, it cannot make anything grow. It also needs earth, air, sun and water to blossom and bring forth fruit. The power of the seed is that it has information; it knows the story. It knows the story of this plant, this organism, this being - and it can teach that story to the earth, the air, the sun and the water. The seed serves as a patient storyteller, and, having heard the story, the four elements galvanize and repeat the story, again and again, cell by cell, slowly, patiently, until the story comes true - tangibly, improbably, inexplicably true."

from Legacy of the Heart by Wayne Muller

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