Friday, November 6, 2009

flexing my tiny manifestation muscles ~

Here is a story of a humble manifestation involving some wooden candlesticks. I thought I would share one of my recent stories with you about manifesting, as I find sharing can be helpful when we are practicing and learning.

The story begins a few weeks ago when I was driving around some backroads of nova scotia. I stopped into a roadside apple orchard with a self-serve shed containing a freezer full of frozen juice. After placing my money in the can provided, I noticed that there was also a small variety of used items for sale. It was here that I saw a pair of wooden candlesticks. A jolt of pure unadulterated excitement entered my heart.

Due to the fact that there was no price on this pair, and that I had already been scrounging around for the correct change for the juice, I decided to let these candlesticks go. However, without being aware of it, I had already kick-started the manifestation process with the jolt of pure excitement and the love that I felt for them. For some reason, the fact that they were made from wood only increased my love.

Shift forward two weeks, give or take a few days, and I find myself rumaging around in a second hand store. By this time the candlesticks are far from my conscious mind, although apparently not far from my unconscious mind. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch sight of a pair of wooden shapes that could be construed as candlesticks. My heart soars and I feel that same excitement again. I push aside some stuff only to reveal a pair of wooden salt and pepper shakers. "Oh well," I think to myself, "I will just have to manifest candlesticks at some other time..."

Little did I know how quickly they would manifest. I continue to slowly make my way along the bins of goods. I wait while a woman combs through an area before I move in. Then suddenly I see them! A pair of wooden candlesticks stand before me. I am full of awe, excitement and gratitude as I take them in my hands. Because of the juxtapostion and order of all the circumstances, it seems and feels like magic, and deep in my being I know that it is.

I believe, that in order for us to manifest, a strong feeling of excitement must be present. For me it is a deep and true feeling without the intervention or involvement of thought - a child-like joy untouched by the analytical mind. It seems like the letting go is important too. In the process of manifesting the candlesticks, I had to let go of them twice. The beauty of it all seems to be that manifestation can't be faked. It is the answering in the physical dimension to the joyful calling of your soul.

I suspect that many, if not all, of you out there have a story like this? Please feel free to share by leaving a comment.


Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Thank you for this beautiful story!

julie said...

thank you ~ glad you enjoyed it!