Tuesday, January 13, 2009

let the love in

For the week of January 12, 2009:
This week you can expect to see an overabundance of love coming your way. This is because as you have opened up to the truth of who you are – you have allowed yourself to experience life in an all new fashion. What this means for you is that as you’ve allowed yourself to be free – a new energy has been released from within your soul. This energy will take on a new dimension of your being allowing you to fill up with a grandiose amount of love should you let it. So open your soul to the oneness of all that is, by expanding your consciousness beyond the limitations of your mind. There are vast resources of love out there to be experienced from the depths of your being. So allow it in. Be Still to recognize the Divine within you – this is where the presence of Love will exist to the deepest resources of your soul.

With so much love for you………

message from Kathleen Mulligan www.DivinePegasus.com or www.thecosmicpath.com

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